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Black N White Wednesdays (Week 15)

Here is another one from Instagram. It’s a water tower I got not too long ago. Speaking of Instagram…I got the e-mail I have been waiting on this morning. It said my Instacanvas Gallery was ready to be opened. I did all the set-up so it should be opened sometime today. You will be able to buy any of my pictures, they will be printed on canvas & shipped to your door ready to hang on your wall. They come in 3 different sizes & you get a choice of 2 different border colors. Thanks so much to all of you that requested for my gallery to be open. Hopefully there will be something there that you just have to have on your wall. I’m not sure exactly what time it will open, but please keep checking if your interested in my work. I’m doing this from my phone & can’t figure out how to do the HTML thing in here so you will have to copy & paste this link. Thanks again for all of your support….Jason



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