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Sewer Cap & Nature

This was behind my trailer when I parked at a truck stop in Indiana. Just thought it was kinda cool with that ugly sewer cap mixed in all that pretty nature. Did some editing with the “BeFunky” app. Hope you all have been good.


A Little Mossy

Some moss growing on a cut-off post in the ground. Don’t forget to swing by & check out our photographer’s group on Facebook called “New Era Photographers. New Era Photographers


Autumn Leaves

Figured I would throw out this shot of the leaves changing color since it’s that time of year. So glad, I can’t stand the heat….lol Have a great rest of the day.

New Era Photographers


Close Up

The weekly theme for our group this week (until next Wednesday) is “macro” or “close-up”. I just took this shot a few minutes ago & entered it. Swing by & join us & submit your shots. New Era Photographers Have a great weekend if I don’t get to talk to you all tomorrow.


Bark Up Close

Got this shot last weekend down at the lake riding the 4-wheeler trails. Hope you all have been good.


A Little Froggy

I got this little guy the other night. He was sitting up right under our porch light eating the bugs that were all around it. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Stop by & check out our group on Facebook called “New Era Photographers”.


Black N White Wednesdays (Week 24)

I have seen pictures like this for a while & have been really wanting to know how to do it. Well, as you can see…I have figured it out. I know it has a little too much color for my little Wednesday feature, but had to show you all because I love the way it came out. I have been playing with a bunch of pictures trying to get better. I love how just one thing can have color. Hope you all like it as much as me.


Little Pond

I thought that this one came out really nice too. Hope you all have great weekends. Stop by & check out my gallery, link is on right side of this page at the top.


Black N White Wednesdays (Week 13)

I’m out of new pictures again so last night I dug up some old ones & changed them to black n white. I hope you all enjoy these (may use them all for my next few posts). This is a tree that I took at my daughter’s soccer game a little over a year ago.

Gold Finches

This is another one that I dug up from a while ago. These pretty birds used to feed on our feeders a few times a week.


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