Bridge In Black N White

Just a quick post as I am fixing to have to start driving again to deliver a load of french fries to Wisconsin….lol. This little baby was in South Dakota.


About obrienspix

An amateur photographer growing with his camera. I started The Mindslam a little over a year ago & love it. I have always wanted to get good with a camera & didn't want to load up The Mindslam with all pictures because I do like writing too, so I created O'Brien's Pix (O'Brien is my middle name) to bring you on my journey as I learn about photography. The lovely lady in the picture with me is my wife Krista.

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  1. Nice perspective, being on the road must provide lots of opportunity for shooting different things in different place.

    • Yes it does Marcel…..kinda easy since I’m in training because I can shoot while my trainer is driving (even though I’m in motion), but once I get on my own will be tough because being on a cell phone in a truck is a no-no. Get caught once & it’s a $2,000 fine for me & $11,000 for my company. Won’t be doing that.

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