Old Kentucky Barn

Well, I have just started my second week of training to be a truck driver. I am really missing my family, but it won’t be as bad once training is over. Right now I am out for 4-6 weeks (until my trainer decides that I can be on my own). I really am loving it though….it’s tougher than I thought, but that keeps it exciting. We are on my first long load right now….picked up in Michigan & taking it to California. Anyway, just trying to update you all on my new adventure. I can only take pictures while my trainer is driving, so most of them are taken while we are in motion, but they are coming out pretty good I think. I found this ole thing just inside Kentucky coming out of Nashville Tennessee. I’m gonna try to post when I can as much as possible. Hope you all have been good.


About obrienspix

An amateur photographer growing with his camera. I started The Mindslam a little over a year ago & love it. I have always wanted to get good with a camera & didn't want to load up The Mindslam with all pictures because I do like writing too, so I created O'Brien's Pix (O'Brien is my middle name) to bring you on my journey as I learn about photography. The lovely lady in the picture with me is my wife Krista.

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  1. Nice to hear from you again Jason. Love the processing, No doubt you will find even more of your trademark derelict buildings in your new job. Good luck. :)

  2. That’s cool! Glad you are making progress in the new career. I love when people decorate old barns like that. They are the perfect “canvas”!

    • Good to hear from you Steve. Wait til you see some of the other barn shots I got. Yea, loving the new job….just ready to be done with training & get my own truck.

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