Sewer Cap & Nature

This was behind my trailer when I parked at a truck stop in Indiana. Just thought it was kinda cool with that ugly sewer cap mixed in all that pretty nature. Did some editing with the “BeFunky” app. Hope you all have been good.


Black N White GMC

This old baby was sitting outside the front door of a Bass Pro Shop in Denham Springs Louisiana. Sure hope you have all been good.


Old Boat

I am sitting at a truck stop in Superior, Wi waiting to deliver in Duluth, Mn in the morning. There is a boat ramp behind me & I walked down there this morning & grabbed a few shots. This is the office for the boat ramp. Hope you all have been good.


Old Bridge

Here is an old bridge I shot the other day in Pennsylvania. Love these old things. Did a little editing with the “BeFunky” app. You can also see it on my “EyeEm account” or a different version on my “Instagram account”. I’m obrienspix on both of them. Have a great rest of the weekend.


I Love These Old Barns

I got this shot yesterday while being stuck in traffic in Virginia. It was dressed up a bit with the “BeFunky” app.


Sewer In Black N White

I found this sewer at a rest area in North Carolina. It was edited with the “BeFunky” app. Hope you all have a great Memorial Day.


Playing With New Apps

Over the past couple of days I found two new apps that I am really digging. The first one was “EyeEm”. It’s like a funky version of Instagram. It was created by photographers & is really pretty cool. The layout & the way things work is really nice. There is even a classy nude section on there. I am obrienspix on there as well if you want to follow.

The other thing I just got today is called “BeFunky”….it’s just a photo editor. A bunch of pictures on EyeEm are really dressed up so I wanted an app that could really do that more than just what is offered on EyeEm. Putting these two together is really producing some cool & unique shots. I posted this barn on there today after dressing it up with BeFunky. Will show you the before & after so you all can see. Have a good night, fixing to grab a little nap while we are waiting to get unloaded.



Bridge In Black N White

Just a quick post as I am fixing to have to start driving again to deliver a load of french fries to Wisconsin….lol. This little baby was in South Dakota.


Old Kentucky Barn

Well, I have just started my second week of training to be a truck driver. I am really missing my family, but it won’t be as bad once training is over. Right now I am out for 4-6 weeks (until my trainer decides that I can be on my own). I really am loving it though….it’s tougher than I thought, but that keeps it exciting. We are on my first long load right now….picked up in Michigan & taking it to California. Anyway, just trying to update you all on my new adventure. I can only take pictures while my trainer is driving, so most of them are taken while we are in motion, but they are coming out pretty good I think. I found this ole thing just inside Kentucky coming out of Nashville Tennessee. I’m gonna try to post when I can as much as possible. Hope you all have been good.


Empty Chair

While we were out driving the trucks today for class, I spotted this beauty in an alley behind a store. I grabbed it for the #emptychairsproject on Instagram. Hope to talk you all soon.



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